Adopt a Butterfly

While butterflies are found in numerous habitats all over the world, most species are found in the tropics and sub-tropics. Fairchild boasts over 40 species of butterflies alone. Many of these butterflies, including the Atala, Monarch and Zebra Longwing can be seen in the beautiful Lisa D. Anness South Florida Butterfly Garden.

Adopt a Fairchild Butterfly for someone special

With a donation of $25, Fairchild will send your gift recipient a package containing the following items:

  • A high resolution 8 x 11.5" color, glossy photo of your chosen butterfly
  • A personalized certificate providing information on your selected species
  • A letter commemorating your generosity


Choose from Three of Special Butterflies


This striking butterfly lays its eggs exclusively on the native Florida cycad, the coontie. When coontie became endangered, so did the Atala. Thanks to Fairchild's work in conservation, we were able to bring back not only the coontie populations, but the Atala Butterfly as well.

Adopt an Atala Butterly Now


These butterflies can be seen in abundance in the Anness South Florida Butterfly Garden feeding and laying eggs on Milkweed. This is one of the most recognized butterflies in the Americas.

Adopt a Monarch Butterfly Now

Zebra Longwing

This amazing butterfly is one of the few butterflies that actually eats pollen! At night, Zebra Longwings like to huddle together for protection and warmth underneath branches.

Adopt a Zebra Longwing Butterfly Now 

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